globalwarming awareness2007

This blog is dedicated to the problems and solutions of global warming. We are trying to do an awareness 2007 campaign for global warming and discuss all the possibilities of minimizing them.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Global warming awareness

Global warming awareness is gradually seeping into the consciousness of mankind. It is a current topic and may be said to be a popular one. Rather it is now fashionable to talk about global warming. How ever it is doubtful whether most of us truly realize its importance or urgency. The seriousness of global warming and its dangerous consciousness are hardly fathomed by a few. It can bring about disastrous changes all round us. One can only guess what fatal effect it may have on animal life in general and human life in particular considering that Homo sapien sapiens are the most recent and the most delicate creation of nature. When it is affecting the plant life in such a great way. One example is the unseasonal flowering of the "corpse flower" of Sumatra. This plant “Titan Arum” is suddenly in a phenomenal growth spurt in the middle of winter and blooming into 1.64 meter tall flower giving off a stink like rotten cheese, dog poo and a corpse. The plant normally flowers once in six to nine years.

Such is the effect of global warming and we are probably only marginally aware about it. However we should not be disheartened. As human being is probably the cause of global warming, so certainly he will find a solution of it too.

globalwarming awareness2007

Global warming is a big problem of the 2007 world. The temperature of the world is increasing at enormous amount. If this problem is not solved or at least contained then the world after 2007 will not be a nice place to live in.

The polar ice is already melting, and if it goes on melting the the sea level will increase and the swallow places of the world which are near to the sea will get drowned in no time. In about another 50 years, if nothing is done for this problem every major port city will be drowned in water.

In this site we will discuss the possibilities of minimizing the global warming and it’s problems.